Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fabulous Tip of the Day: Deal With Dull Polish

Today's Fab Tip:

Don't you hate it when you use a shiny top coat and your polish still turns dull after two days? Here's how to make the most of it.

"When your polish gets dull: Go with it and paint on a matte top coat."
--Taken from Seventeen magazine, June/July 2015, page 52.

The matte topcoat will keep it looking less dull and more fashion-forward, since the only way to recover that shine is to take it off and repaint. A matte topcoat will keep your mani lasting longer.

Gossip Ghoul

So Last Night's Supernatural Season Finale...

Spoilers ahead. Last night was intense. Very, very intense. I still don't know how I'm supposed to feel about the SPN season ten finale.

Let's start with Death. Death was awesome. Death loves Mexican food. Death just revealed a massive amount of mythology, telling us that God and the Archangels, including Lucifer, fought back a Big Bad called the Darkness and that the Mark of Cain is the lock keeping the Darkness at bay. Then Dean killed Death.

What does killing Death mean? Are we facing a Death Takes A Holiday/Reaper Man situation? They didn't explain the consequences!

What can the Darkness do? What kind of an entity is it? Are there multiple branches of it, like the Leviathans? Is there a connection to demons? It looked really demony, didn't it?

Let's talk about Cas. My poor baby. Hurting him weighed heavily on Dean, but Dean didn't call to say goodbye to him. He was kind of left out of the action with Dean, and that really bothers me, and not just because of Destiel. Dean couldn't kill himself without saying goodbye to Castiel. He just couldn't. And then that watch dog spell-- it kills its victims! Is Rowena killing Cas? Is Cas going to kill Crowley first? He has an angel sword; he could kill him permanently!

And WHY didn't they cycle back to Metatron taking the Demon Tablet? Why did they leave that dangling?

And every time I think about that scene with Sam and Dean, talking over their codependency issues. That and the very words "She's all yours" are making me cry again as I write this. And I already cried myself to sleep last night.

Both gifs from Tumblr.
And WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY that cliffhanger?! Now we have to wait forever for season 11! Damn it, SPN!

So that's a brief summary of my reaction to it. What was your opinion of last night's finale? What do you think of the Darkness? What do you think season 11 has in store for us? Let me know in the comments.

Gossip Ghoul.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fabulous Tip of the Day: Alternative Primer

Today's Fab Tip:

Here's an interesting tip for when you're running low on primer or have misplaced it.

"Use milk of magnesia as a primer. Smooth on a thin layer to control shine, says Gilbert Soliz, Marc Jacobs Beauty makeup artist."
--Taken from People Style Watch magazine, May 2015, page 151.

Has anyone tried this? This one I have not because I always have primer on hand? Does anyone know if this actually works? I'm intrigued.

Gossip Ghoul.

A Day In The Life

So I finally got myself a copy of Rags and Bones, the anthology of twists on classic stories, and I'm so excited about it because it's full of dark fantasy authors I absolutely love and who completely inspire me, included the incredible Neil Gaiman, the amazing Melissa Marr, the fantastic Holly Black, Kelley Armstrong, Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl, Garth Nix, and more, and it is awesome!

Seriously, Holly Black retelling Carmilla and Neil Gaiman's version of Sleeping Beauty, how much more perfect can it get?

All pictures from Tumblr.
But now I have a problem. I don't know where to put it on my bookshelf.

Do I put it with my Neil Gaiman books?

That is, in my non-graphic novel, short story collection of Neil Gaiman books. I have multiple Neil Gaiman sections on my many bookshelves.

Do I put it among my Melissa Marr books?

Among the other Melissa Marr and Kelley Armstrong short story collections?

Among my Holly Black books?

It's too big to fit with my Garth Nix books.

And too small to fit with the Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl Beautiful Creatures books.

 So where do I put it? Decisions, decisions... This is going to be plaguing me all day as a way of distracting me from the inevitable pain of tonight's SPN season finale.

Where do you think I should put Rags and Bones?

Gossip Ghoul.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fabulous Tip of the Day: Rose Gold

Today's Fab Tip:

Make rose gold a color staple this summer. Here's how to find the right shade for your complexion.

"Pinkish golds flatter every skin tone with their understated warmth, says stylist Leith Clark. If you're torn between wearing a blush or a terra-cotta dress, hold it to your face and take a picture of yourself in natural light to see which one brightens, rather than washes out, your complexion."
--Taken from In Style magazine, June 2015, page 166.

You always want to choose the most flattering colors for you. If a particular shade doesn't work for your skin tone, use that shade for an accessory you keep away from your face, like pair of shoes or a clutch.

Gossip Ghoul.

Confession: I Love Celebrity Gossip Magazines

As much as we may try to deny it, we all have guilty pleasures of some kind. I've discussed guilty pleasure movies before. Another guilty pleasure of mine is reading trashy tabloid magazines. There's just something so thrilling about reading celebrity gossip, even though I know that I personally would hate to find my own life splashed across the glossy pages of Us Weekly.

I don't even have to pay for the tabloid magazines. I can just read them in line at the grocery store or at the cafe at Barnes & Noble. Us Weekly is my favorite, but I'm also pretty fond of Life & Style, In Touch, and Star, which can have great Fab Tips too.

Who's with whom? Who broke up? Who's wearing what? Who's getting married? Who said what? Who cheated? Who got back together? Who got arrested? Who got drunk and made a scene? These are all those things most people gossip about in high school, except for me. I didn't have anyone to gossip with. So maybe I'm going through my high school stage now.

Pic from Tumblr.
Be that as it may, one afternoon I was reading In Touch at the grocery store, and this man approached me. "What you are reading in there is not true!" he exclaimed, as though he were sharing with me an earth-shattering revelation. "Did you know that?"

"Yeah. So?" I responded, wondering why so many strangers feel the need to give me unsolicited advice about how I should get married, how I should lose weight, how I should get rid of my acne, why I shouldn't wear eye makeup if I don't have a boyfriend, and now that I shouldn't read things because they're not true. That's not even a legitimate argument. Plenty of things that are not true are worth reading. There's this entire genre of books called fiction. Great works of literature like Pride & Prejudice and Wuthering Heights are not true. OK, so In Touch and Us Weekly might be McGriddles and Quesaritos compared to high quality works like Pride & Prejudice, but my point remains the same.

And who the hell are you to tell me what I can and cannot read, anyway?

I didn't say any of this to the random man, of course, since I don't like talking to people. I just returned to reading about Kim Kardashian and ignored him.

Don't let anyone judge you for indulging in a guilty pleasure. Just had to get that off my chest.

What's your guilty pleasure? Let me know in the comments.

Gossip Ghoul.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Fabulous Tip of the Day: The New Way To Style A Polo Shirt

Today's Fab Tip:

Here's an update on a classic preppy staple, the polo shirt.

"How do you make a sporty staple look new? Dress it up in a way that's more pretty than preppy. A streamlined skirt, like a wrap or pencil style, strikes a sophisticated note and tempers the tennis connotations. Add polished pumps and easily go from desk to drinks. If girlie isn't your thing, highlight the top's boyish charm with your favorite pair of broken-in skinny jeans. Now, that's how to up your style game."
-- Taken from In Style magazine, June 2015, page 89.

If you go with the skirt pairing, wear classic pumps, but if you utilize the skinny jeans suggestion, like I have, go with ballet flats or ankle boots. Finish off the look with a pair of oversize sunglasses, a low ponytail, and lip gloss.

Gossip Ghoul